Nanny Wanted - West Hillhurst Calgary family looking for a Nanny
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Hi, Our family of 4 consists of Mom, Dad, and two adorable girls, Paolina (4) and Karolina (2.5).Dad and Mom both work so currentlyPaolina and Karolina attend Daycareabout 4 blocks from our home. Paolina has a moderate learning delay and attended the Providence school for 1/2 day pre-schoollast year. She is making great improvements andwill be attendingProvidence again this fall for 1/2 day pre-kindergartenclasses (starting Sept. 5th). Last year she went back to Daycare for the lasthalf of the day, but we feel she would see more benefit from the personalized attentionthat a Nanny could give.Karolina has attended daycare for the past 1.5 years and is currently on thewaitlist for Providence to join her sister in their pre-school program. She has progressedquickly and is an easierlearner sowe feel Providence canprovide her with a great learning environment& she canshare the bus ride with her sister. We are looking for a Nanny with training in early childhood development that can provide some educational experiences for our girls. We would want the Nanny to do light house work specific to the children. Sincewe're not yet sure if both girls will be able to attend Providence for 1/2 day mornings, we have 2 schedule Options that we're considering for a Nanny: Option 1: Part-time from ~ 11am until 4pm M-Th & 7:45am to 4pm Friday. TheNanny would need tobe at our house before the girls are dropped off by the bus after Providence. The Nanny will have the job of collecting the girls from the bus (stops in front of the house),prepare & serving lunch, and then providing care for both girls duringthe afternoon.Both girls stillhave afternoon naps, although Paolinais down to only 1 hour,so that would take up some of the time.Karolina will only attend pre-school M-Th so we would need the Nanny to be available afull 8 hours on Friday. Option 2: Full-time from 7:45am until 4pm, 4 to 5 days a week. The Nanny would need to be at the house prior to Dad leaving for work, 7:45am. Paolina will already have left the houseon the bus to the Providence school and Karolina will likely still be in bed. The Nanny will have to wake & feed Karolina and then provide individual care for her until her sister gets dropped off by the bus after Providence (~ noon). From there the duties are similar to the Part-time Option noted above. For either Option we wouldbe offering between $15/hr to $18/hr depending on years of experience and training in early childhood development. There is the possibility of extra hours and additional weekend / evening babysitting (asmutually agreed to).And we can providesome weekdayflexibilityfor days off. We will update our posting by August 21st with the specific nanny option that we're hiring for afterwe know if Karolina will be attending the Providence pre-school. Contact us if you're interested in one orboth Options...or stay tuned. We would like to conduct interviews and make our decision by the end of August, with the Nanny starting in September. Please visit to view full details and to apply. FREE REGISTRATION and lots of jobs to choose from!

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Location: Calgary, Alberta (AB)

Job Category: Child Care
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Post Date: 2017/08/05

Closing Date: 2017/11/13

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