Nanny Wanted - Part-time, flexible babysitting/driving for 5 year old girl
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Hello potential babysitter, I am a single, self-employed mother with work hours that vary greatly from week to week. I definitely believe that people need to be paid adequately for their work, and I aspire to do that as much as possible. Unfortunately, Trudeau's new minimum wage is nothing short of insane and I simply cannot afford, nor can I justify, giving a student $15/hour to play with a well-behaved 5 year old for a couple hours and then watch TV the rest of the night while she sleep. So this ad is an appeal to anyone out there who still feels that $10/hour in cash (TAX-FREE) is a reasonable wage for this easy-going job. Most employers (especially single, working mothers) are going to be financially devastated by this new minimum wage, and as a result, will stop hiring people because they can't afford to. Many employers will go out of business because of it. People like me, offering a more reasonable sum of under-the-table cash, to all the people out there who won't be able to find minimum wage jobs anymore, will eventually become the norm. But rather than waiting until businesses go bankrupt and unemployment skyrockets, I'm doing this now in the hopes of meeting both our needs: you can have a job, and I can afford to give you one. If you're still with me, please read on. I am seeking an English-speaking babysitter for random, flexible dates. Occasionally I will require later evenings or on rare occasions, weekends, but usually weeknights starting at 3 pm for anywhere from 2 to 7 hours. My schedule is unpredictable so I am looking for a reliable sitter I can call on with a couple days' notice to fill in a slot. We may be able to work out a more regular "every Thursday" or "every Tuesday" kind of slot as well. I'm looking for someone with a valid drivers' license to pick her up from school sometimes (3 pm) and either bring her to my condo to play, or take her swimming in our building's indoor pool, or to Cosmic Adventures or to a park to hang out. Depending on the day, you may need to take her to a scheduled activity like gymnastics. My daughter enjoys caregivers and will want to do crafts with them or "play school" with them. We limit screen time and do not have cable or Netflix. She loves to be read to and we have tons of books. My daughter is in SK, is well-spoken, talkative, and loves horses and arts and crafts (we have our own craft room). She doesn't have any behavioural, health, or emotional issues and is generally respectful and obedient. She's a pretty easy kid and I don't expect house cleaning or dog walking (we have no pets). At best, you'll have to assemble some snacks and maybe pull off some sort of supper or lunch and do those dishes. This job is probably best suited to a student or recent graduate of child-care related studies. Vehicle and willingness to drive my child at least from school to home is a must. I am in the Montreal Rd/St Laurent area. The school is in Rockliffe. My schedule is truly random but my best guess is I'd need 3-7 babysitting shifts per month. This position does not work for someone who already has other kids with them as being able to pick up my daughter from school sometimes and always being able to put her to bed in her own bed are essential. If this interests you, please contact me. Thanks, Andrea Please visit to view full details and to apply. FREE REGISTRATION and lots of jobs to choose from!

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Job Type: Part Time

Location: Ottawa, Ontario (ONT)

Job Category: Child Care
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Post Date: 2017/09/26

Closing Date: 2018/01/18

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