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Summary: Works with co- educators in planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program that encompasses the needs of all the children and their dispositions. You will be responsible for observing and responding to childrens interests and creating an emergent curriculum. Lastly, ensuring safety of all children and challenging yourself as an educator to self-reflect and improve regularly. Hours: 9-hour shifts, including one (1) hour for lunch (unpaid) Qualifications: Education: Early Child Diploma Levels 1, 2, or 3 or similar field of study from a recognized community College or University. Current First Aid Certificate, Security Clearance &Intervention Record check Familiar with Curriculum Framework Personal Attributes: A warm empathetic personality, capable of establishing rapport with children, parents, educators and the community. Good communication and problem solving skills. Responsibilities Professional: 1. Be punctual and dependable 2. Attend workshops, courses, and in-services. 3. Work as a team member. 4. Research current educational trends in the Early Childhood field. 5. Supervise and evaluate Early Childhood Development Students 6. Maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene, appropriate dress and tidy 7. Attend staff and parent meetings. Communication: 1. Maintain open communication with co-educators 2. Use problem-solving skills to deal with difficulties. 3. Relay information given from parents regarding children to co-educators and office staff when appropriate. 4. Use proper grammar in oral and written communication. 5. Ensure the whiteboard is up to date with daily programming Parent Communication: 1. Maintain open communication with parents. 2. Inform parents of experiences through use of learning stories, updating binders, and documentation on walls. 3. Provide parents with resources and information as required. Program Development: 1. Maintain observations, respond to them with experiences, document, and reflect with a co-educator 2. Research further information and gain knowledge using outside sources. This can be done by using the iPad and all the early learning resources 3. Plan and implement daily and weekly experiences for the children that encourage growth, and discovery both indoors & outdoors 4. Utilize planning books and or planning maps and webs to ensure follow through of experiences. Planning time is given weekly as a team. 5. Create a stimulating and challenging environment. Change the environment to create defined spaces that support growth and discovery and variety of centers (ie. Block, dramatic, art, discovery, science, manipulative, miniature) 6. Plan room and centre experiences that involve the parents to celebrate their children. This may include celebrating rolling after exploring it with the children for several weeks. Showcase the childrens learning. Physical Environment: 1. The opening room educator will ensure the building, play areas, toys, materials and furnishings have been regularly inspected and noted on the Inside Maintenance Checklist to ensure they are safe, in good repair and hygienically maintained. 2. Organize play space into distinct centers, and have provocations ready for the children 3. Daily, weekly cleaning is maintained and classroom looks appealing and inviting 4. Change toys to provide a stimulating program Interpersonal Environment Guiding Childrens Environment: 1. Establish and maintain limits for child behaviour consistent with the Child Guidance Policy of the centre. 2. Encourage development of childs self-esteem. 3. Model appropriate behaviour and problem solving skills. 4. Encourage independence of children. 5. (Educators should) guide, scaffold, nurture, model and facilitate childrens learning and through this work you learn about what children know and how children make meaning of the world. (PPP, p.53) Please visit childcareadvantage.com to view full details and to apply. FREE REGISTRATION and lots of jobs to choose from!

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Location: Edmonton, Alberta (AB)

Job Category: Child Care
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Post Date: 2018/02/09

Closing Date: 2018/05/19

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